Sarah Charles

Full nameSarah Charles


AffiliationS.T.A.R. Labs

Eye colorGreen

HairDark brown


Voiced byMelique Berger

Sarah Charles is a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs. She assists in saving Victor Stones life in the "Red Room". She later enters into a relationship with him.


Working at S.T.A.R. LabsEdit

Sarah was working on Silas Stone's team, with Thomas Morrow to study a Mother Box that had been brought to them by the The Flash. After Victor Stone is injured by the exploding Mother Box and the attack by the Parademons she helps Silas and Dr Morrow get the critically injured Victor into the "Red Room" and begins attaching an experimental metal called "Promethium Armor" to his body in an attempt to save his life.[1]

Justice League: Throne of AtlantisEdit

Sarah was seen conducting a diagnostic on Cyborg explaining that his systems have improved since they removed his one remaining lung. Victor eventually asked her out on a date to which she gladly accepted.[2]

The Death of Superman Edit

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  • Sarah Charles first appeared in Tales of the Teen Titans #57 created by Marv Wolfman and Chuck Patton.


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