Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is the founder of LexCorp and an important businessman. Following Darkseid's invasion, fearing what Superman could make to the Earth, he founded the Legion of Doom in order to defeat the Justice League and pursue his own criminal operations.


Visiting Ocean MasterEdit

After the Ocean Master was imprisoned in Belle Reve Prison, Lex went to visit him, and offered him a proposal.[1]

Battling Justice LeagueEdit

He reappeared as the leader of the Legion of Doom, and attacked the Hall of Justice. He fought Superman in his battlesuit but ended up defeated.[2]

House arrestEdit

Lex Luthor was put under house arrest for his activities. He was later visited by an annoyed Superman who accused him of planning attacks on Mayor Booker through the Intergang armed with Apokoliptan technology, which Luthor subtly denied. Before leaving, Superman tells Luthor, "This city's never going to love you just for hating me", a comment which seriously vexed Lex.

Arrival of DoomsdayEdit

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