Aim(s)Villains team

Leader(s)Lex Luthor

The Legion of Doom is a supevillain team put together and founded by Lex Luthor to defeat the Justice League.


Origins Edit

Seeing the potential threat of the increasing metahumans and the events of Darkseid's invasion, Lex Luthor decided that he needed to protect himself and the people of the world by putting together his own team of superheroes to combat the Justice League. However, Luthor didn't hesitate to use his team for his own criminal activities in order to get more power.[1]

Recruiting Members Edit

Following the war of the Justice League at Atlantis, Luthor went to the prison of Belle Reve in order to recruit Orm as a member for his team, which was named Legion of Doom.[2] However, Orm apparently rejected his offer.

Eventually, Luthor recruited Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Weather Wizard and the Toymaster to join his Legion of Doom and attacked the Justice League outside their Hall of Justice. Neverthless, the group was defeated and sent to jail, except Luthor.[3]

Known membersEdit

Background informationEdit

The Legion of Doom was originally created for the animated TV show Challenge of the Super Friends, which was part of the Super Friends cartoons made by Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. The original team was composed by Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Black Manta, Brainiac, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, the Riddler, the Scarecrow, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy and Toyman. However, the CofS's Legion members also featured in the DC Animated Movie Universe's Legion are only Luthor, Cheetah and Grundy (although the Toymaster character was probably based on Toyman). While Black Manta and the Scarecrow also exist in the DCAMU, they have yet to join the Legion and is unknown if they will join it.



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