Justice League

BaseHall of Justice
Watchtower (formerly)
S.T.A.R. Labs (formerly)

Aim(s)To protect the world from world-ending calamities


The Justice League is a team of superpowered and highly skilled individuals dedicated to protect the world from extranormal calamities, ranging from alien invasions to supernatural occurrences. The founding members all met and worked together for the first time to fight off Darkseid's invasion. Although Shazam initially gave the group the name of the Super Seven, it was later changed due to Justice League being preferred in focus groups.



When Darkseid attempted to takeover the Earth several superheroes, including the likes of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Shazam, Cyborg and Wonder Woman banded together to stop him.[1]

The Hall of Justice was built soon afterwards, with statues dedicated to seven heroes. It soon became the home of Cyborg/Victor Stone. Shazam is known to have visited the Hall on occasion. As Cyborg pointed out, at this point the Justice League is nothing more than a lie the human race has told itself to make it feel safer; Batman prefers to be solo, Green Lantern has an entire quadrant of space to monitor, etc.

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Numerous people around the world suddenly go berserk, claiming to see ordinary people as demons. This results in several deaths and injuries. Wonder Woman stops a woman driving madly after having a vision. Superman finds a husband has gone mad and killed his neighbors, and threatening his family. Batman saves a baby girl from her mother, who thinks she gave birth to a demon; however, he is unable to prevent the mother from committing suicide. Due to their past experiences with magical beings like Xerxes, Felix Faust and Trigon, most of the League believe a magician is responsible for the madness. However, Batman firmly believes they should try considering it simple madness, not the result of someone tampering with minds with the use of magic.

Batman goes solo to seek John Constantine's help in finding answers. He also teams up with Zatanna, Deadman, Jason Blood/Etrigan, Black Orchid and Swamp Thing, forming the secondary division of the League, the Justice League Dark. When Destiny begins causing madness around Gotham, the League becomes infected, forcing Zatanna to hold them at bay.

Once Destiny is defeated, the League invite Zatanna and Constantine to join. Zatanna accepts the offer, while Constantine prefers to stay away from the "tights and capes crew."

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