Full nameJonathan Crane

Alter egoScarecrow

Scientist (formerly)


Voiced byMichael Rosenbaum

Scarecrow is a brilliant psychologist turned super-villain who fights Batman in Gotham City, specializing in techniques and chemicals that manipulate fear. Jonathan Crane was originally a well-respected professor, although he lost credibility when he obsessively took his experiments too far and descended into madness. 

Biography Edit

Batman was pursuing some of Scarecrow's henchmen when Green Lantern intervened and caught them much to Batman's annoyance who told him that he needed them interrogated not caught.

Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne were called upon by Batman to find and capture the Scarecrow since he had to help the Justice League. The two tracked Scarecrow down and defeated him in his warehouse.

Appearances Edit

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