Full nameGarfield Lynns

Alter egoFirefly


AffiliationTalia al Ghul


Voiced bySteve Blum

Firefly is a pyromaniac super-villain who fights Batman.


Garfield Lynns was a visual effects expert who worked in the movie business. Unable to stop his destructive compulsions, he turned to the crime using a flame-proof winged suit. His obsession with fire is the result of an abusive childhood.

He was later recruited to the League of Shadows by Talia al Ghul and often operated in tandem with Killer Moth. He was present at an interrogation of Chuckie Sol, one of Black Mask's Made Men, for details on an upcoming weapons shipment. Batwoman then Batman appeared and battled the villains present. Batman fired his grapnel line at Firefly and Killer Moth which resulted in them crashing into each other. Moth later released three drones and one managed to lift Batwoman off into a warehouse. Firefly followed to finish her off. He tossed a grenade canister but Batman tacked her out of harm's way then tossed two Batarangs that blew up one of his wings. Batman kicked the flamethrower out of the way and collared Firefly. Batman realized he was working for someone new.

Over two weeks later, Firefly and Killer Moth appeared after Batman (Dick Grayson) and Batwoman stormed the Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent and fought some of the nuns. Batwing made his debut and knocked them into a building. Firefly and Killer Moth pursued Batwing in the air, eager to kill him. However, in their pursuit, a girder holding up the convent was heavily damaged and the building began to collapse. Killer Moth was seemingly crushed by a large boulder but Firefly avoided his fate and fled the convent. A week later, Talia's group infiltrated the World Tech Summit with the intent to brainwash the heads of state in attendance. Firefly was tasked with patrolling the skies around the summit. He sighted Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, and Batwing sneaking into the summit and alerted Talia. Talia and her group cut the heroes off. Firefly tackled Batwing into an outer room. He tossed a grenade which blew a hole in the glass window. They took the fight outside and traded shots. Batwing flew around several antennae and swung around and kicked Firefly then blew up his flamethrower. Firefly lost control of his suit and flew into one of the Watchtower's thrusters, seemingly perishing in the explosion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Gadgetry
  • Flight
  • Armed Combat
  • Explosive Ordinance

Background informationEdit

There have been many Firefly's in over the course of the years in the DC Comics' stories, but the Firefly used in the DC Animated Movie Universe was Garfield Lynns. The first Firefly, Garfield Lyns, first appeared in Detective Comics #184, created by France Herron and Dick Sprang, published by DC Comics in June 1952. Garfield Lynns was a down-and-out film special effects expert who attempted to rob a theatre by faking a fire but was stopped from doing so by Batman and Robin. He escaped, however, and in the darkness, Batman saw a distant firefly, which he mistook for Lynns' lit cigarette and chased in the erroneous direction. Inspired, Lynns became the Firefly, using optical illusions and various lighting effects in his crimes. Apart from being a rogue of both Batman and Robin, Firefly is also rogue of the Creeper and the Outsiders.

As an interesting fact, Firefly appeared as one of Talia al Ghul's henchmen during her attempt at Gotham City and frequently teamed up with Killer Moth to attack enemies from above. Though not confirmed, this team up could have been made because many DC Comics fans have the habit of confusing both villains.

According to animator Phil Bourassa, Firefly and the other members of Batman Rogues Gallery were not included in the first draft of Batman: Bad Blood. They were later included because the film's crew felt that it would be great to use never seen before animated characters of DC Comics.[1]