ZoomFlashpoint (1)

Alter egoProfessor Zoom


AffiliationThe Rogues (formerly)

Eye colorRed


StatusDeceased (Flashpoint Timeline)
Unknown (Current Timeline)

Voiced byC. Thomas Howell

Eobard Thawne is a criminal from the 25th century known as Professor Zoom and the Reverse-Flash and the archenemy of the Flash



Thawne was a scientist from the 25th century who replicated the powers of the 21st century superhero the Flash but used his powers of super speed and time travel for his own gain as a criminal called Professor Zoom. During one of these exploits he travelled back to the Flash's era and developed a grudge against him and sought to kill him, regardless of how many died in the crossfire or if he had to die himself. 

Original TimelineEdit


Zoom and the Rogues

Zoom hired the Rogues to lure the Flash into the Flash Museum and trap him, using liquefied material that would harden on contact, but planned to kill the Flash along with ten square blocks of Central City with 25th century explosives even Zoom couldn’t disarm if he wanted. After the Rogues succeeded in trapping the Flash, Zoom made his presence known and revealed his intention to Flash and betrayed the Rogues by planting the bombs on them to kill them too. As he planted the last bomb on him Flash altered the structure of the marital trapping him, to trap Zoom with him. Zoom refused to disarm the bomb declaring that his life is a small price if it means Flash dies. However the Justice League soon arrive and Wonder Woman uses her lasso to get Zoom to tell her how to disarm them. However Zoom told them they couldn’t be disarmed, as he’d designed them not to be, but the Justice League managed to take a Rogue each away from the city and disarm the bombs. The Flash then finished off the last bomb with a miniaturized tornado in his hand and foiling Zoom’s plot. As Superman prepared to take Zoom away to S.T.A.R. Labs Zoom taunted the Flash by reminding that no matter how fast, he’ll never save everyone, especially those that matter the most to him. Zoom was soon taken away to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Flashpoint TimelineEdit


Zoom fights Flash in the new timeline

Just moments after the incident however Barry, unable to accept his mother’s death anymore, raced back in time to prevent her death, radically altering the timeline, breaking the time barrier so significantly it altered events both past and future. In this new timeline the world is in World War III between the warring factions of the Atlantians lead by Aquaman and the Amazons lead by Wonder Woman, and most of the world’s population has been decimated. Zoom however, being empowered by the Speed Force, was unaffected by the timeline change. When Barry regained his Speed Force connection Zoom utilized his power to physically harness more Speed Force than Flash preventing him from travelling back to undo his actions.

Seeking to lure the Flash to London where the final battle between Atlantis and Amazon would occur Zoom saved Lois Lane from an Amazon ambush, killing the Amazons and allowing himself to be seen on Lois camera. Successful, as this would later be found by Thomas Wayne, the Batman of this new timeline. He and Flash traveled to London to find Zoom as a result, Zoom waited for the Flash to show.


Zoom killed by Batman

As the battled approached it’s conclusion Zoom finally revealed himself to Flash and the two fought amidst the chaos but Zoom gained the upper hand and severely beat Flash. A half-dead Flash, believing Zoom altered the timeline, demanded an explanation and Zoom explained Flash’s actions and why time changed so radically and accused him of being selfish, accusing him of being the villain when he’s the one who travel back in time to save his mother at the expense of everyone else.  As the battle waged Zoom continued to beat down Flash until Aquaman set off his secret weapon, a bomb powered by Captain Atom that would destroy the world if activated. Flash tried to reason with Zoom reminding him that he would be killed too but he simply stated that if dying meant Flash would die with him, it was worth it. Flash tried to time travel again but Zoom re-harnessed the Speed Force again and kept him trapped mockingly saying there is not enough Speed Force to go around. As Zoom gloated however he is suddenly shot in that back of the head by Batman and after shock, falls to the ground and dies. Though Flash is shocked Batman killed Zoom he reminds him he didn’t exactly kill Zoom if Flash goes back and changes the timeline back. After this Flash does go back and correct his mistake, creating a similar yet slightly different but more stable timeline, but Zoom’s fate is unclear in this new timeline.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman speed: This is his main power. Due to his connection with the Speed Force, Eobard has the power to move and think at superhuman speed. He is shown to be faster than the normal speed of time, allowing him to defy forces such as gravity to an extent, while he is also adapted to extreme temperatures, impact, and deprivation of oxygen.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Due to his superhuman speed, Eobard can react faster as such.
    • Superhuman agility: Eobard's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to superhuman levels.
    • Superhuman resilience:  Eobard has nearly limitless stamina and endurance and can survive injuries or trauma that would be fatal or crippling to normal humans.
    • Superhuman metabolism: Due to his speed enhanced physiology, he is resistant to weight gain & heals at an accelerated rate, allowing injuries to vanish within an hour. This metabolism also extends his health & longevity. However, he cannot heal fatal wounds, as a bullet to the back of his brain killed him instantly.
    • Intangiblity: By vibrating his body at super-high speeds, Flash can phase through solid objects by slipping through the gaps between molecules. His intangibility causes pain to living creatures and could be fatal if he stops vibrating.
    • Enhanced momentum:  Eobard is able to control and generate more force than humanly possible, allowing him to simulate having superhuman strength while moving at super speed.
    • Aerokinesis: By rotating his arms at super-speed, Eobard can create strong and intense vortexes of wind.
    • Electrokinesis: While moving at superhuman speeds, Eobard's body generates Speed Force lightning.


  • Genius-level intellect: Eobard was successfully able to replicate the reaction which granted Barry Allen his super speed almost 4 centuries after it occured.
  • Engineering: Eobard is able to created highly advanced explosives that cannot be disarmed even by himself.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Fatal Wounds: Fatal wounds will kill him, despite his accelerated healing. An example is how Thomas Wayne killed him by shooting him at the back of his head.

Trivia Edit

  • Seeing that he hasn't appeared again in the movies, it's likely Thawne is dead for good.

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