Eye colorBrown

HairDark brown

FamilyBilly Batson(foster brother)
Freddy Freeman(foster brother)


Voiced byKimberly Brooks

Darla is the foster sister of Billy Batson and Freddy Freeman.


Darla and Freddy were waiting for Billy as he snuck back into the house. Darla mentioned to Billy that they were worried about him as monsters had been abducting people off the street. After Billy questioned whether they believed that or not, the two walked into the next room. After being alerted by Shazam defeating a Parademon, the two arrived in the backyard to see the hero flying away.[1]



  • Darla first appeared in Flashpoint #1 created by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.


  1. Corson, Heath (writer) & Oliva, Jay (director) (February 4, 2014). Justice League: War.

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