"I am entropy. I am death. I am... Darkseid."

Uxas, better known as Darkseid, is the ruler of the planet, Apokolips and the leader of the Parademons.


Invading EarthEdit

He conquers world after world after each one has run out of resources, and he has the natives turned into Parademons for his army. Attempting to invade the Earth, Darkseid and his forces begin terraforming the planet.

Darkseid had his minions secretly plant mother boxes in several locations around the Earth, including Metropolis, Keystone City, and Gotham City. Two of his minions died protecting the mother boxes' secret from The Flash, Batman, Green Lantern and Superman.

On Apokolips, Darkseid questioned Desaad as to what he had to report from their agents on Earth. Darkseid was notified by Desaad that heroes were springing up everywhere on Earth, and as such, they were losing their element of surprise. After Desaad suggested that Darkseid move his timetable for invading Earth, Darkseid agreed, commencing the invasion.

He later arrived in downtown Metropolis along with an army of Parademons. Darkseid easily destroyed several airforce jets, and afterward swatted aside Green Lantern, who as the first to try to battle him. He soon defeated each and every hero, targeting both Superman and The Flash with his omega beams. Darkseid then created an Omega Beam that destroyed most of the area in Metropolis. Darkseid saw the Flash and Superman standing and fired two Omega Beams at the heroes. The Flash manages to dodge his blast but Superman was hit and knocked unconscious and taken hostage by the Parademon army.

While Batman went to get Superman, the other heroes banded together to fight Darkseid and during the battle, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Shazam blinded Darkseid.

Darkseid then proceeded to destroy downtown Metropolis until a plan was formed, with Wonder Woman taking out one of his eyes with her sword, and the Flash and Shazam taking out the other. Darkseid was soon engaged by all of the heroes who attempted to push him into a Boom Tube back to Apokolips. Despite being blinded, Darkseid still fought the heroes until Cyborg activated a mother box that sent the Parademon army across the world back to Apokolips except for Darkseid who stood his ground. Shazam tried to get Darkseid through the portal, but Darkseid pummeled Shazam and tried to crush him, but was stopped by Wonder Woman and the Flash. Superman and Batman arrived and the heroes worked together to fight Darkseid. Together, the heroes defeated Darkseid and sent him back to Apokolips. Although Darkseid was able to resist for a while, he was successfully pushed into the portal with a final punch by Superman.[1] With all of the mother boxes deactivated, the heroes were reassured that Darkseid and his minions wouldn't be coming back any time soon.

Superman and wonder woman vs darkseid

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Super strength: Darkseid has super strength, being noticeably stronger than Superman and was able to battle the entire Justice League even after being blinded in both eyes.[1]
  • Super durability: Darkseid is monstrously resilient, completely unfazed by the various constructs launched at him by Green Lantern's ring. Even the unified assault of the Justice League was barely able to knock him back.
  • Flight: Darkseid has the ability of flight. His control of this ability is able to nonchalantly move about in the sky as if standing on a solid structure.
  • Enhanced speed: While not as fast as Superman or Flash, Darkseid has shown deceptive quickness and reflexes for a being of his size and built, able to dodge Flash's attack and force him on the defensive.
  • Omega beams: Darkseid has the ability to project beams from his eyes, capable of locking onto a target and not stopping until hitting its mark. The beams were fast enough to pursue The Flash and Superman.[1]




  • Shazam refers to Darkseid as "Blackheart the Deatheater" while referencing World of Warcraft in the same breath.


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